How to Maintain and Care for Your Synthetic Grass

Maintaining synthetic grass has never been easier! Besides saving money, think of all the time you will save no longer worrying about mowing, fertilizing, or soaking your lawn in order to preserve that grand green look.

You’ll be happy to note that very little care is needed when caring for your synthetic lawn.

Clear Debris

In order to maintain a polished look, simply use a rake or leaf blower to clear any fallen leaves, branches, and other type of debris that may land on top of your synthetic grass.

Introduce Some H2O

By watering your lawn on a weekly basis, you will not only be removing the obvious dust, dirt, and pollen acquired but indirectly helping prevent unequal distributions of infill.

Cleaning Up After Your Furry Friend

Our artificial grass was created by taking all of our potential client’s possible concerns into consideration, and their beloved pets, and all the things that come along with them, including their waste, was definitely one them. Rest assured that our artificial grass is safe for pets and was made for easy pick up. So, feel free to take out your plastic bag or scoopers and clean up after your pet. To guarantee your lawn from remaining odor free, rinse the targeted area with our very own, Artificial Turf Deodorizer. This product is made for eliminating any and all odors that can be caused by your pets.

Cleaning Up After Life’s Little Messes

As far as we are concerned, lawns are meant to be used and because of that, we’ve made sure that our synthetic grass lawns were made to be enjoyed to the fullest. So, stop worrying about staining your yard! For our artificial grass was made to be stain resistant, meaning, most spills can be washed away with a bit of water. Now, for those especially soiled spills, simply use either a combination of mild soap and lukewarm water or a combination of equal parts vinegar and water, choose one and scrub out. Naturally, the faster you tend to the spill, the easier it will be to clean. So, in short, by all means, bring on the family barbeques and cocktail parties while keeping your peace of mind.

­We take the utmost pride in providing a line of synthetic grass products that are high in quality and low in maintenance, all while maintaining a realistic look and feel. Wholesale Turf is no longer the pioneer, but the leader in advancing artificial turf technology to thousands across the nation.

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