The Technology Behind Wholesale Turf’s Synthetic Grass


There are two components behind the technology of our products. The first, innovation. Our mission is to continuously improve elements within our industry. How? Well, first, we conduct a frequency of tests on our line of products using only state of the art lab equipment. We, of course, work directly in conjunction with third party suppliers, testing facilities, and sport governing organizations. Our findings, such as the latest yarn coating configuration and idyllic pitch specifications in the harshest environments, is made public within our industry. Our collective efforts are made to guarantee that we can produce a line of superior turf to meet your specific wants and needs in a timely fashion. So, by all means, please share your landscaping wishes so that we can fulfill them today! In addition to product methods, we strongly believe in consistently looking for innovative avenues to implement the latest recycling methods.


The process is simple, express your project needs and we will happily create a custom system that will exceed your expectations. This is accomplished through our implementation of technology, delivering that technology to our manufacturing facilities where it is lastly executed and delivered back to you. This process guarantees that our products carry the superior value and effectiveness standard.