Wholesale Turf has any tool, infill or adhesive your installer needs to create a beautiful lawn, putting green or field for their customers. All of our items are always fully stocked and ready for any synthetic turf job of any size. Consider Wholesale Turf as your one-stop shop for all things synthetic turf! We stock several types of specifically designed infill, non-galvanized nails and many other synthetic grass accessories that will make your installation jobs pristine!


Wholesale Turf is a supplier of top-quality silica sand infill. Our sands are specially designed and blended to promote superior quality on artificial/synthetic turf applications. As a full truck-load silica sand producer, distributor & broker – buying and supplying infill sand materials worldwide, we have formed strategic alliances with many quality silica sand producers.


Durafill is the latest in infill product technology for synthetic grass. It is environmentally-friendly, safe for pets,  withstands animal urine and the harshest elements. Durafill prevents the degradation of artificial grass by halting the growth of spores and bacteria. Turf paired with Durafill does not overheat in the sun and keeps grass temperatures stable and comfortable on the hottest days. Durafill is eco-friendly and does not contain zinc, heavy metals or silica dust. This product is sold exclusively through Wholesale Turf and requires a simple one-time application.


A simple tool to secure turf to the ground, The Wonder Edge cuts the installation process by 75 percent! After the installer compacts the base materials, apply the Wonder Edge and nail the turf to the edge. To create a smooth neat appearance, tuck the edge of the turf within the Wonder Edge borders.


In the installation process, staples are necessary because they  help secure  turf to the ground. For different installation cases, staples may be used in lieu of glue and seaming tape for various applications. Installing turf with staples eliminates the possibility of disfigured and/or discolored turf. Our staples have an 11-inch gauge and are flat on top.


Our nails are six-inch non-galvanized nails and should be applied to the perimeter of the turf. The nails are an important part of the project and require a special attention. For turf installations, it is recommended to used non-galvanized nails in order to further secure the turf to the base material. Non-galvanized nails expand and rust over time, which create a greater more secure hold on the synthetic turf.


Poly Board is an ideal landscape tool for separating grass from planter beds and helps the base materials stay in place. This hard composite plastic comes 1” thick  x 4 “ wide x 20’ in length and is featured in a natural brown color.


Our stakes are made of a hard composite plastic featured in a brown color. Stakes accompany and anchor turf to the poly board.


This tape is two-sided non-adhesive and is 12 inches in width. Once finished with the seaming process, seaming tape can be applied along with turf adhesive. The adhesive needs to be applied to the dull side of the tape. The tape comes at any custom length with a maximum length of 328 feet per roll.


The weed fabric is made from a non-woven sheer black fabric that has a medium thickness. This fabric is designed to prevent the growth of weeds inside the artificial turf and is proven to have the best results in weed prevention and still allows for proper drainage. Weed fabric is sold in a 6”x 250” roll.


Our lawn padding is available in a variety of densities and dimensions. We can fabricate our product to meet your specific needs.

Light Density Foam 4-7 lbs per cubic foot is very popular as cushion and drainage layer underneath playground surfacing including synthetic turf.

Medium Density Foam – 8-10 lbs per cubic foot is used for a variety of drainage and cushioning applications including as a partial replacement for crushed stone in synthetic lawn turf applications.


The Ultimate Pad is a thinly woven pad (approximately 7/16” thick) that can be placed directly underneath any synthetic grass install to deliver additional shock absorbency. One of the main safety benefits of the Ultimate Pad is that it reduces the GMAX and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) numbers making it the top choice for any playscape. The Ultimate Pad also provides superior drainage that drains both vertically and horizontally up to 80 inches per hour.

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